Proactive Retirement®

Proactive Retirement®

Proactive Retirement® is the registered service mark of our firm. This concept represents how we think your retirements should be approached. It all starts with your intentions, goals, and objectives. We'll help you clarify your vision, consider commitments, address concerns, and define your goals.

You have to get the financial aspects right, but a truly successful retirement experience is not solely dependent on financial success.  We take a more holistic approach by providing you with unique programs and events outside the normal financial topics.

Our firm is dedicated to helping you realize a high quality of life in retirement!

Educational Events Throughout the Year

As part of Proactive Retirement, we host several events each year to educate our clients and to expose them to local businesses, cultural events, and fun activities that we feel may be interesting to retirees!  Engagement in the community is a vital part of a successful retirement!

At these events we have a variety of speakers that share valuable knowledge and may provide helpful services or consultation to our clients.  Speakers in the past have included - fly fishing experts, life coaches, dietitians, fund managers, estate attorneys, even wine experts!

Visit our EVENTS page and see what events are coming up!